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What is your wedding dress inspiration?

We know that you've been thinking about wedding dresses!

But we love wedding dresses too - so just for fun here are some of the ones we love the look of!

Please note: this is not an exclusive list - there are loads of stunning dresses out there and these images are purely to share ideas and inspiration!

Gorgeous lace up back with an off the shoulder look.

Simple and elegant - princess skirt with a lace up back.

V shaped neckline and beautiful skirt, eye-catching belt to bring the focus in to your waist.

Button up back details with lace.

What about a more bohemian vibe with lace and some fringe?

Romantic flowing organza fabric with lace appliques.

Whiter than white - we just love how timeless this dress is.

Off the shoulder number - simply magnificent!

Delightful decorative sleeves.

A train - YES!!

Charming high neckline with full length lace sleeves.

Relaxed and angelic.

Exquisit ivory dress with lace sleeves.

Embellished capped shoulder sleeves.

Off white beautiful dress with a detailed bodice.

Dazzling 1920's theme.

Sublime low back and a mermaid cut.

We hope that this was fun! We definitely enjoyed picking out some different dresses.

So... what do you think of these wedding dresses?

Let us know what sort of dress you are thinking of choosing.

Thanks for reading!

More to follow again soon!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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