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Travelling for Gigs

For the most up to date information please contact us via our Contact Page

- or using our email address:

Travel by car:

Please note that these are approximate Travel Costs within a certain radius:

within 50 miles - £25 within 100 miles - £50 within 200 miles - £100

plus additional costs if we need to stay in accommodation over night

Contact us for a more personalised quote.

Location - Based in the South West.

Although we're primarily based in the South West of England - we are prepared to travel.

Destination weddings & events

Here is a rough list of what we need to know when you are interested in booking Serenity String Duo to perform further afield for abroad & destination weddings and events.

Things we need to know:

  • your venue's full address and country

  • dates and timings for your event - checking whether we are performing multiple sets on more than one day

  • how we will travel to the destination - car, taxi, coach, train, plane or other means of transport

  • how much this travel will cost £

  • any additional costs for transporting our violin and cello safely

  • accommodation - is accommodation provided

  • food- is food provided whilst we are with you for the duration of our stay at your special event

We are excited to hear more about your special event!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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