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Stay in the UK or plan a destination wedding?

Destination Weddings vs. choosing a Wedding Venue in the UK

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are lots of really fun things to decide. One of the biggest choices is picking out the venue, but before you decide that, maybe consider the location.

  • Where do you want to be?

  • The UK or abroad?

In the beginning of the search for your wedding venue, it’s typical to have either a month or season in mind, but you may not know whether you want a local wedding or a destination wedding.

In either instance, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both a local wedding and a destination wedding to ensure that your decision is the right one for you.

Destination Wedding:

Destination weddings can be a wonderful adventure, though they may also take quite a bit of work to plan. Consider the following pros and cons of hosting a destination wedding:


  • create an amazing wedding experience at a unique or exotic location anywhere you choose.

  • both you and your guests will feel as though you are on vacation from the moment you arrive contributing to an amazing wedding experience.

  • you have the opportunity to create a more intimate wedding, by inviting your closest friends and family.

Neutral: Pro or Con (depending upon your preferences):

  • Destination weddings tend to be more casual affairs than local weddings. This , of course, depends on the destination and venue that you choose.

  • When selecting the perfect spot, you should consider whether you want your wedding to have a more casual or traditional feel. This may include attire, décor, or your wedding menu.

  • Keep the celebration going for longer! Consider giving your guests ideas of activities to do and restaurants to eat at in the area. In many instances, the couple will host a welcome reception and/or a morning-after brunch.

  • Your duties as hosts extend beyond just your wedding celebration. Since guests attending will have often traveled a long distance to arrive for your destination wedding, they will usually come a day or two early and leave a few days later. This means that you must take the time to ensure they are comfortable and entertained during their stay.


  • The cost of a destination wedding may require you to narrow down your guest list.

  • Elderly or pregnant family members, and or children may not be able to attend your destination wedding as traveling a long distance might be too difficult.

  • Destination weddings have to be planned virtually / via long-distance, which means that each and every detail may not turn out exactly as you ha envisioned.

  • Potentially fewer gifts - whilst receiving gifts should never be a primary reason for deciding on a wedding location, you must understand that hosting a destination wedding may mean that people aren't able to spend as much on your wedding gifts. Consider that since many of your guests might need to pay for their own travel arrangements, they may rightfully consider their presence at your wedding to be their greatest gift to you rather than anything extra.

Local wedding:

Local weddings could be seen as far more convenient for both the couple and guests.

Consider the following pros and cons of hosting a local wedding:


  • You can visit the venue firsthand.

  • Attend one or multiple full walk-through's to ensure the venue has everything you need and want. Note that this is not always possible with a destination wedding.

  • A local location could come in handy while sorting out specific wedding details too - such as decor etc.

  • Naturally you'll have more control over the wedding planning itself.

  • When you plan a local wedding, you are far less likely to experience misunderstanding or miscommunications with local vendors who are being depended upon to deliver what is desired.

  • Additionally, local vendors might also have already worked at your wedding venue and can give you their insights on different things they’ve seen take place at past weddings at your venue.

  • Depending on the venue that you choose, your wedding can be as small and intimate or as large and welcoming as you desire.

  • Guests can attend more easily at a local venue.


  • Your choice of a wedding date may have been influenced by local weather patterns.

  • So, if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, this could be affected by the weather unexpectedly changing. We recognise that this isn't really a con - just to something else to consider.

Making a choice:

Ultimately, deciding upon hosting a destination wedding or a local wedding will come down to your own preferences and what you want as a couple for your special day.

Whether you choose to jet off to an island or say “I do” at a local venue, selecting the right venue and suppliers will have a big impact on ensuring that your wedding day is everything that you have envisioned.

We look forward to being part of that with you.

How far does Serenity String Duo travel?

We are based in the South West of England, and are prepared to travel.


Our quotes include: travel costs. 

Approximate Travel Costs:

  • within 50 miles - £25

  • within 100 miles - £50

  • within 200 miles - £100 

If you are looking to have a wedding further afield or even abroad - let us know and we can take this into consideration, reflecting any extra travel costs in your quote.

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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