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Small & Intimate or a Big Wedding?

Over the last few years there has been more interest in smaller, intimate weddings.

Micro weddings is often a term used across the USA and has traveled across the pond here to the UK.

So - have you heard the buzz about micro weddings?

Of course, as we all know, the cost of living crisis - linked to coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, has affected most people's budget.

So in this blog, we're looking into the differences between a small, intimate wedding and a grand, larger wedding.

Small & Intimate Weddings:

One opinion is that you can actually get real freedom from choosing to have a smaller, more intimate wedding.

How? - we hear you ask.

By escaping from the expectations of a big event and focusing on the finer details. We’ve worked with couples over the last few years that have really enjoyed the intimacy and simplicity of a smaller guest list.

Small and intimate weddings might be perfect for you.

What is a micro wedding?

At a small, intimate wedding, you can expect anything from around 5-20 people. As the name suggests, only a small number of guests are invited to attend micro-weddings.

Whilst these weddings may be smaller, this does not stop the wedding from feeling big on romance and excitement. 

  • These wedding are still immensely special.

Having a smaller guest list can mean that you get to spend more of your budget or pay more attention to other decorative aesthetic details like a stunning dress, expertly designed floral arrangements, gorgeous suits, a fancy car or even a more elaborate honeymoon.

There is something really special about the intimate environment that works so well! Some clients have experienced less stress too.

How many guests do you usually get at a small, intimate wedding?

Typically, micro weddings have up to 20 guests.

These guest lists tend to be made up of your closest loved ones, family and / or friends.

Is keeping it small a good idea for you as a couple?

Here are some of the Pros of a small, intimate wedding:


  • weddings are about two people sharing and celebrating their love. Naturally, small, more intimate weddings are not focused on how many guests attend, and the logistics that come with organising huge groups of people. This is your moment as a couple. The focus remains on you - the couple.

  • small weddings are more intimate. You may have more time to spend speaking with your guests, allowing you to enjoy their company in a more meaningful way.

  • the logistics may be easier too. You might not get as stressed out from having to manage numerous invitations, responses and questions from guests, due to the number of planned attendees being fewer.

  • in turn, this may keep both you and your partner feeling more relaxed and in control of the wedding.

  • additionally, weddings can be really expensive. Opting for a smaller event means you get to spend your wedding budget on the finer details such as flowers, suits, dresses, photographer, or your dream honeymoon.

  • smaller weddings can be known to put the couple under less pressure - you and your partner might feel more comfortable with a smaller number of friendly faces around you on your special day.

  • you may manage to make your wedding budget stretch even further, rather than paying for more meals for those estranged family members, and +1's of guests; i.e. people that you barely know.

  • you won't need to spend the entire time checking on a horde of guests, instead the day can be all about love, relaxation, and taking the time to enjoy your big day.

Can small weddings be fun?

Of course they can be! Every wedding is unique - and as long as you surround yourselves by the people that care for you and wish to celebrate with you - you will have fun. Therefore - you can have just as much fun with a micro-wedding if not more.

Big weddings:

We've read in many other wedding blogs: “go big or go home”, and this is a phrase often used right? And, yes - there is something truly magical about big weddings - so let's explore some of the pros of a larger wedding.


  • celebrate in style

  • you get to invite everyone that you know and love, and no-one is left out.

  • surround yourself with family from both sides, extended family from both sides, friends, colleagues, school friends, +1's of your guests etc.

  • more guests means more cards and gifts

  • get friends and family involved - this can keep costs down - ask someone to perform, sing, read, paint, do the flowers, make the cake - the more people invited - the higher potential for guests that can help you keep the cost down for special, unique elements of your big day - people love to be helpful and, more often than not are happy to help out and give you an experience / wedding favour as a gift

  • get the full party feel - fill the dance floor, bigger groups tend to have a freer atmosphere with an amazing celebratory feel


  • small & intimate weddings can be easier to plan.

  • having fewer guests may mean that you have more time and money to invest in the finer details.

  • a big wedding gives you the chance to invite everyone you know and love to celebrate with you.

  • a larger wedding means a bigger party and fuller atmosphere.

  • however planning a big event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and keeping everyone happy, can be stressful.

  • no matter how big or small your wedding is, get help from professional photographers and florists.

  • Different sizes – but it is the same decisions.

  • Remember to have fun and the choice is yours - it is not about pleasing everyone else - just about pleasing the two of you!

Thanks for reading!

More to follow soon!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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