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Photo-booth or Disposable Cameras?

Have you considered other photography opportunities at your wedding?

Clients that we talk to usually have chosen a photographer and or videographer - however there are some other fun opportunities for photographs and captured moments that might be worth considering for your wedding,


Photo-booths come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, they come in all style and designs too.

Whether you want a mirror, frame or 360 degree photo station - photobooths can be really fun.

Photo-booths are so much fun! You get the chance to play with props: hearts, chalkboards, fake mustaches, Mr & Mrs signs, big glasses, picture frames and other fun items.

Guests love playing with the props and you are guaranteed to get some great fun images, plus your guests get to keep a copy of them too!

With a professional photo-booth you know that however ridiculous the shots might be they’re going to be great quality!

Photo-booth’s can be a great ice-breaker when people don’t know each other too well. It’s an environment where you’re actively encouraged to do something daft, and deliberately making a fool of yourself is much more fun than worrying that you’re going to do it accidentally!

Is it a good idea to have a photo booth?

Photo booths are fun for everyone involved.

From little children to all adults, everyone can join in and have a great time with the props and photos.

It’s often difficult for the official photographer to make sure they have photographed all the guests, but a photo-booth encourages the guests to come to the camera! It’s a great way of getting pics of all the people you care about without making it all too serious!

It's a great way to get people giggling, and it's a fun way to capture memories of your special day.

What are the disadvantages of a photo booth?

Some closed air photo booths need more space than open air options - so maybe consider getting an open air photo booth set up.

If you have a themed wedding you can make use of some cool related themed props to get some fun pics that really ring true with the rest of the wedding day!

Disposable Cameras:

If you love candid photos and want to have some really fun snapshots of your wedding day, consider having a few disposable cameras for your friends and family to use.

Your wedding guest will create unique photos at moments when your photographer may have finished working, instead taken by your guests in the moments that they want to capture for you.

Having cameras on tables can actually act as a form of decoration. These days disposable cameras don’t have to be the old cardboard ones, for our wedding we hit the car boot sales and picked up as many old film cameras as we could… it turns out you can get an awful lot of very cool looking cameras for less than £20.

Guests often love playing with the old cameras too!

The photo-booth is great as a form of entertainment but sometimes having people snapping away throughout the day with the disposable cameras means that as well as the hilarious ones you get some great moments the official photographer might have missed.

There’s always something special about sending your film off to be developed and waiting to get back the physical pictures like we used to. You could even wait and get them developed on your first anniversary as a cool surprise!

What are the disadvantages of disposable cameras?

Disposable cameras have a few disadvantages.

They are limited in the number of photos they can take, as they are designed to be used only once.

Disposable cameras can be great fun, but the quality of the pictures is likely to be low and there’s no guarantee your guests will manage to take any decent pictures. Additionally, they are not as high quality as digital cameras, and the photos they produce may not be as sharp or clear.

People can sometimes still feel a little awkward doing something stupid in front of a stranger, disposable cameras give the guests freedom to do whatever they want without fear of embarrassment!

A lot of people are really camera shy and hate having their picture taken, particularly by a pro where it might get included in the final pictures. The camera shy are far more likely to be happy having their picture taken by their mates than a pro photographer so it’s a good way to get some nice relaxed shots.

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid are now really popular at weddings - you can then use these in a photo guest book too.

Take a look below:

We hope that this was helpful! So... what will you do for those candid photos on your wedding day?

Thanks for reading!

More to follow again soon!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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