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Outside or inside wedding ceremony?

What to consider having your wedding ceremony outside or inside:

  • Have you been thinking a lot about whether an outdoor or indoor wedding would work best for your wedding?

  • Are you wondering what the best fit for you will be?

We know from experience that this decision can be tough to make, so whether you’re looking to say “I do” in a beautiful manor house, garden, gorgeous hotel, beach, stunning country house, park, or a gorgeous church, it is really important to weigh up the pros and cons of outdoor and indoor ceremonies. Doing this will help you to make the best choice for your special day.

So here are some things we think are worth considering:

  • Location: Are you thinking of a wedding in the UK, or a destination wedding? Are you planning on having your wedding close to home or much further away?

  • Weather: What is the temperature during the time of year that you're interested in getting married? What would you like the weather to be like in your photos? What was the weather like around your wedding date last year, how would the weather affect your ceremony?

  • Accessibility: Will there be easy access to the venue that you'd like. Can you get there via car, public transportation or even taxi service if needed? How accessible is the location for those that may have accessibility issues.

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend on a venue, and what kind of amenities can you expect with each venue?

  • Rules & regulations: Are there any restrictions to using the space, such as a music policy, noise level or even a time limit?

Compare and contrast the pros and cons:

  • Indoor weddings offer the comfort of an enclosed space, and protection from the elements.

  • However, outdoor weddings provide a beautiful natural backdrop.

  • But both have the potential for stunning photos.

Remember though -

  • If you are getting married outside in the UK, there is always the possibility at an outdoor weddings that a strong breeze or rain could affect your plans.

  • Indoor weddings, on the other hand, may lack the romantic ambiance of the daylight, sunset or even starry skies and twinkling lights.

Performing Outdoors:

We can perform outdoors but do require some form of shelter.

Our instruments can not be in direct sunlight or any rain as this will damage them.

So, if you're interested in having an outdoor ceremony or reception:

  • a gazebo,

  • pergola,

  • umbrella,

  • large tree,

  • or being stationed by French doors work best.

Do consider a contingency plan for adverse weather, and advance notice must be given before the event.


Please check your venue's music policy before completing your booking with us - every venue has individualised rules, regulations and licenses to adhere to.

Outdoor Weddings

As we read on another blog: "Outdoor weddings can be a lot of fun and truly magical! But before you break out the bubbly and start rehearsing your vows, sit down and take the time to carefully assess the pluses and minuses of an al fresco ceremony." (Katie Pierce) We could not agree with this more. Thinking it all through is very important.

Outdoor Pros:

  • Depending on the time of year, your venue may have multiple locations that you can choose from on their site which will each feature breathtaking flowers and trees, fountains, waterfalls, vibrant sunsets, and a star-strewn sky.

  • Having an outdoor wedding ceremony allows your guests to fully experience the natural beauty of the venue you have chosen.

  • Outdoor spaces tend to cater for larger numbers of guests, but on the flip side - intimate ceremonies can be really special in outdoor spaces.

  • Additionally, an outdoor ceremony gives you the flexibility to choose the location of your wedding - whether it’s a vineyard, beach, wooded area, or park.

  • An outdoor venues also come with gorgeous natural backdrops that may not need dressing as much due to it's built-in decorations: for example: manicured gardens, flowers and plants, etc.

  • As well as this, depending on the season and time of day, you may even be able to take advantage of that beautiful golden sunlight!

  • Finally, if you’re on a budget, an outdoor wedding can be much more affordable than an indoor ceremony.

Outdoor Cons:

  • Outdoor wedding ceremonies are subject to unpredictable weather conditions. They can easily be spoiled by rain, cold, freezing or even unseasonably hot temperatures.

  • Outdoor weddings can be affected by challenging light - if it gets dark too early, or if the sunlight is blinding.

  • Consider whether you need electricity. If so, how will you access it?

  • Your surroundings might be noisy. With an outdoor ceremony, the chances of noise pollution are higher - especially if your venue is near a busy road or urban area. Roadworks, building and other construction can be incredibly loud, and can affect the ambience that you are trying to create.

  • You might also about noise from airplanes and other aircraft flying overhead.

  • Finally, cleaning up afterwards can sometimes take longer, as you have to ensure that everything used for your wedding ceremony is cleared away completely.

We recommend that you always have a back up plan - i.e. a weather contingency plan (especially for an outdoor wedding ceremony)

If you’re still leaning towards having your wedding in a glorious outdoor setting, it is really wise to have a plan for a change of weather. 

Here are some ideas:

  • tents, gazebos or canopies as a backup in case of rain.

  • have plenty of umbrellas ready, just in case you need them.

  • schedule the ceremony at least two hours prior to sunset to avoid the risk of darkness - unless you are planning a night time ceremony - in which case - have plenty of lighting ready.

  • book a location with an event hall in case you need to move indoors at the last minute.

  • make sure your guests are prepared - so do ask your guests to dress comfortably with access to layers to easily adjust their clothing if the weather changes, either hot or cold.

  • if the weather is sunny we recommend that you have plenty of paper fans if the weather is looking hot - plus access to water so everyone stays hydrated!

Indoor weddings

Imagine saying your vows in a historic building, gorgeous barn or grand ballroom. Indoor weddings have a lot of security, as the elements do not affect the running of the ceremony. What you see is what you get.

Indoor Pros:

  • Indoor weddings usually provide a more consistent atmosphere, where the aesthetic stays the same throughout the day.

  • The temperature and humidity levels should be consistent too - as the venue will have control over the rooms that you are using.

  • Indoor ceremonies tend to be less stressful, as most details have already been taken care of or can be taken care of by the venue or by your chosen, hired decorating supplier.

  • Most indoor venues offer built-in decorations, such as beautiful carpets, curtains, lighting, mirrors, windows, and gorgeous art.

  • It is good to feel that you have fully used all of the spaces at your venue. Using an indoor space at your venue for your ceremony will still allow you to have gorgeous photographs taken outside too.

  • Rather importantly, you and your guests won't need to worry about extreme weather conditions, wind, rain, flies or bugs at an indoor ceremony.

  • You shouldn't need to worry about noise from the outside world, as lots of indoor venues are soundproofed to a certain extent so that surroundings noises are less invasive to your ceremony.

  • Access to electricity is much easier. indoor venues have reliable electrical systems for powering live music, speeches and or a slideshow presentation.

Indoor Cons:

  • Depending on the size of your ceremony guest list, you may find that there are limits on how many guests you can have at your indoor ceremony.

  • Indoor wedding ceremonies can be more expensive than outdoor ceremonies as you'll likely have to pay for the use of the venue, plus you usually need to add in furniture rental, decorations, floral arrangements, and other services. These things can add up quickly.

  • If you love being surrounded by nature, and unless you're getting married in a naturally stunning location such as a glorious ballroom, rustic barn, chapel hotel, you may feel that indoor venues don't offer the same romantic backdrop as an outdoor venue.

  • You may have fewer options when it comes to decorations, as some indoor spaces already have very specific restrictions.

  • Do note that some venues have multiple events taking place on the same date. So remember that indoor weddings can therefore be subject to noise pollution from other events taking place at the same venue.

Creative ways to make your indoor venue feel really special

If you’re opting for an indoor wedding, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel extra special. 

Consider these ideas:

  • fairy lights add a romantic ambiance.

  • do you love nature - incorporate floral arrangements and greenery to bring the outdoors inside. 

What will you choose?

Ultimately, there's no right or wrong choice on whether to have an outdoor or indoor wedding.

It all depends on the style you want for your big day and the type of venue that reflects it.

Take your time and have fun!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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