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Music for Wedding Ceremonies

What to expect from Serenity String Duo at a Wedding Ceremony

Choosing music for your wedding ceremony might seem a little daunting - but planning it can be a really enjoyable process.

We adore performing at weddings, adding the perfect, personalised backdrop to such a special occasion.

We work with you throughout the planning process, putting you at ease before the big day.

Have you thought about the variety of musical opportunities on your special day?

We could perform for your:


We usually perform up to 30 minutes for the prelude before your ceremony starts, to welcome your guests as they arrive and find their seats.


Music for when the wedding party arrives.

The bride or groom’s entrance.

Up to three pieces for the signing of the register.

The recessional.

For traditional services, hymns can be included with/or without the organist.

What atmosphere do you want to create?

We adore performing at weddings and have a wealth of experience in creating different atmospheres for each couple, depending on their own unique musical tastes.

Have a think - do you want to start off with an elegant, sophisticated sound to settle your guests?

Or actually start the celebration with some upbeat party anthems?

Either way, you can choose any style of music while your guests arrive. Our recommendation is classical for the wedding prelude and we are happy to pick the most appropriate pieces of music here if you wish, however feel free to choose a different style if you'd like.

What music will I need in a traditional wedding ceremony?

We recommendation that you choose your main pieces of music for the ceremony first, which includes:

- 5<10 pieces for the guests arrival

- a piece for walking down the aisle

- 2<3 pieces for the signing of the register

- a piece of music for the exit

If there is any more music you need for the ceremony let us know but above is what's usually required.

What is we're unsure of what music to choose?

Some couples like to choose all the pieces and send it to us like a playlist but you can also choose a handful of your favourite songs to give us an idea of your musical style and we can choose pieces that are similar.

Special Requests:

If you would like a song you don’t see on our list, let us know and we will look to see if an arrangement already exists. If we can access it we will let you know. Otherwise, we can discuss putting a bespoke arrangement together for you at £60.00 per piece.

There is no rush on choosing music from the list but if you'd like to explore the bespoke option do let us know as soon as you've made a decision so we have plenty of time to arrange the piece for you.

There's lots of music to choose from, so have fun choosing and if you need any further guidance let us know, we're excited to hear your thoughts!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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