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Drinks Receptions and what to expect

What to Expect from Serenity String Duo during a wedding drinks reception

A string ensemble is the perfect choice for your drinks reception,

providing the best atmosphere after the ceremony.

Whether it's elegant classical repertoire for a sophisticated ambience, or getting the party started with some of our favourite pop arrangements, our music will provide the perfect balance between background and entertainment for this part of your day.

We’ll work with you to come up with the perfect playlist!

Our recommendation for choosing music for the drinks reception is to choose a variety of music from different sections of the list; maybe some modern pop, some classic pop, jazz etc.

How much music do we need to choose?

We will need approximately 8 pieces per half hour of performing.

Do you need to take a break?

Yes, during the drinks reception we will take a short break or breaks depending on the length of your drinks reception. We tend to perform for 45<50 minutes before taking a break, however we will organise this with each client separately depending on the time scale for their event to match what else is taking place during their special day.

Special Requests:

If you would like a song you don’t see on our list, let us know and we will look to see if an arrangement already exists. If we can access it we will let you know.

Otherwise, we can discuss putting a bespoke arrangement together for you at £60.00 per piece.

When do we need to make our decisions by?

There is no rush on choosing music from the list but if you'd like to explore the bespoke option do let us know as soon as you've made a decision so we have plenty of time to arrange the piece for you.

Usually we ask for at least a month's notice so that we can practice the pieces in the context of your set list. But don't worry, we will contact you with plenty of time spare when we need your choices.

Have fun!

There's lots of music to choose from, so have fun choosing and if you need any further guidance let us know, we're excited to hear your thoughts!

Best wishes,

Laura & Katja

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